Funded by the Grow a Healthier Community Initiative, the #TreeTag project joins university students, governmental agencies, local businesses and the local Instagram community to raise awareness about the importance of trees in a fun and approachable way. UNM Students worked with local landscape architecture firm Groundwork Studio, Tree NM and NM State Forestry staff to craft messages regarding the value of trees in our public landscapes. The information presented by the project goes beyond the more typical message of tree value – in addition to energy savings, stormwater management and carbon sequestration, the tags address such benefits as stress reduction, reduced crime, increased creativity and improved test scores.

What is the value of urban trees? The Price is Life. Trees provide us with basic life-sustaining resources, but also make us happier, healthier and more creative. The installation coincides with Earth Day and will be the focus of @IGersABQ for their WorldWide Instameet.
April 20-22, 2016
UNM Main Campus – #TreeTag map here!
#TreeTags: The Price is Life

15 GIANT price tags, mounted on trees throughout the UNM campus, with the following important appraisals:

    our health, happiness and well being
    Spending time among trees reduces stress and related health conditions, while increasing focus and creativity.
  1. $2,403.61 per semester
    in academic scholarship for higher education
    Students at schools with view of nature score higher on standardized tests, have a higher graduation rate and likelihood of attending college and lower occurrences of criminal behavior.
    $2,403.61 is the current lottery scholarship offered to NM residents maintaining a 2.5 GPA or higher.
  1. $120 Million/day
    in reduced crime-related costs nationally
    Trees can reduce crime as much as 12% in urban areas. Nationally we spend at least $1 billion per day on property losses, losses in productivity, medical expenses and public program costs, pain, suffering, long-term emotional trauma, disability and risk of death related to criminal activity.
  1. $1.1 million/year
    in clean air (pollution removal) in Albuquerque
    Trees within the City of Albuquerque remove 366 tons of air pollution annually.
  1. $3.3 million/year
    in residential building energy costs savings in Albuquerque
    Trees provide shade, reduce urban heat island effect, protect from wind and reduce dust.
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Our project partners include: Tree New Mexico, NM State Forestry, Groundwork Studio, UNM Student ASLA