Reprinted from the Farmington Daily Times, “Plans taking shape for Farmington aerial adventure parks

by Hannah Grover

FARMINGTON — Nearly a year after Farmington Mayor Nate Duckett publicly proposed ziplines at Lake Farmington, the City Council heard ideas for potential aerial adventure parks in two different locations.

Amy Bell, landscape architect with Groundwork Studio, presented possibilities for the parks during the Tuesday meeting. Her full presentation can be viewed online at In addition to the ziplines at Lake Farmington, a smaller, interactive play area could be built at Berg Park.

Lake Farmington offers much different opportunities than Berg Park, Bell said.

“The location offers a truly thrilling opportunity for big views and wind in your hair,” she said.

The proposal includes two racing ziplines spanning 1,700 feet across the north section of the lake with towers on either side. The towers will include activities like climbing walls, rappelling, free fall and a netted playground.

A second phase of the project could add ziplines into the lake as well as bridges to traverse.

“This would be completely unique to Farmington,” Bell said.

The first phase of the project would cost $2.5 million to $3 million. Phase two of the project would cost $1 million.

The goal would be to have it pay for itself in seven to 10 years. Bell said the cost for activities at the lake would vary depending on what people want to do, but a full day all access pass would cost $39.

Meanwhile, a second aerial adventure park at Berg Park would provide interactive, educational opportunities for children at zero cost to the families. Bell said it would be a unique feature in this region and could serve as a stepping stone to attract families to the lake.

Bell said this facility would include a netted aerial playground called a spider maze, a giant swing, a tree house, a giant hammock, pulley chairs and other attractions.

She said the treehouse would allow people of all ages to climb up into the trees and see the Animas River from a different vantage point.

Bell said the Berg Park facilities would cost $2 million to $2.5 million, however they could be built in phases, and some things, like a willow maze, could be built by the community.

“These are the kind of things that really excite me about the idea of what community transformation looks like,” Duckett said.

The city will decide in the future which of the two projects should be built first. It will also discuss whether the city should own the Lake Farmington aerial adventure park or if it should partner with a private company to build and operate the ziplines. One member in the audience suggested finding sponsors to help pay for the projects.