Groundwork Studio is conducting a feasibility study for the City of Farmington to explore options for an aerial adventure park along the Animas River and at Lake Farmington. The study includes community outreach via an online survey to better understand what type of recreational activities would best suit the local community. The project has gained momentum through public meetings at Farmington City Hall, trick-or-treating informational booth and online outreach.

Community members select between different options for aerial recreation.

Reposted from The Albuquerque Journal‘s article, “Ziplines, challenge course among options for aerial adventure park,” by Hannah Grover, Nov. 2, 2018–During a community meeting this week about a proposed aerial adventure park in Farmington, Mayor Nate Duckett asked the consultants to expand the feasibility study to consider ziplines along the Animas River as well as at Lake Farmington.

The city is contracting with Groundwork Studio out of Albuquerque for a feasibility study that will examine the creation of a $750,000 or $1.5 million aerial adventure park.

In addition to Wednesday’s meeting at City Hall, city officials operated an informational booth to gather more community input during the downtown trick-or-treating event. Another meeting designed to solicit public input was held Thursday at City Hall.

The study will look at how much the city would have to charge for admission to the park and how long it would take for the city to recoup the money it would spend on building the park.

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