Project Description

Roswell Wayfinding Plan

In the Spring of 2021, the City of Roswell engaged a project team led by Groundwork Studio to develop a comprehensive wayfinding plan. The purpose of the plan is to design a system of signs to guide travelers on the City’s thoroughfares to key public destinations including educational facilities, healthcare facilities, governmental buildings, recreational facilities, museums, the zoo and other points of interest. The plan establishes universal and cohesive design standards for wayfinding in the City, and celebrates the City’s identity. The resulting wayfinding system will further increase community pride through gateways and signage that speaks to the history and character of Roswell’s unique districts, showcasing the City’s “Believe” brand.

The planning scope began with inventory and evaluation of present needs and conditions, which included inventory of existing signs, identification of key destinations, a visual preference survey, and monthly coordination with a project committee. Through analysis of key destinations, priority routes were established, which then informed the signage placement plan. Based on feedback from the visual preference survey, two design options for the signage were presented and consolidated into a final preferred design. All signage design complies with NMDOT and City Engineering requirements as appropriate.

A key goal for this project was to create a plan that is implementable in phases. Two phases were identified based on City priorities and budget, and planning level cost estimates were prepared for both phases. The plan was approved by City Council in September 2021.


Roswell, NM


City of Roswell

Year Completed


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