Project Description

Pueblo Alto & Mile Hi Drainage Outreach

This unique outreach project involved the Pueblo Alto and Mile Hi community members in a transparent process identifying assets and opportunities to resolve local drainage issues. These neighborhoods regularly experience problematic flooding issues, caused mainly by an inadequately sized storm drain system. While the City moves forward with the long-term regional scale reconstruction of the storm drain, they engaged Bohannon Huston Inc. and Groundwork Studio in a process to work with neighbors to learn how localized solutions, like green stormwater infrastructure could help alleviate some of the flooding issues.

Groundwork Studio led an intensive education and outreach process, including development of a project website with interactive crowd-source maps and green stormwater infrastructure resources, outreach committee meetings, walking tours, surveys, and public meetings. A high level of community involvement, the support of Councilors Diane Gibson and Tammy Feibelkorn, and close collaboration with the Hydrology Division of DMD has resulted in a clear path forward for the City in piloting green stormwater infrastructure projects. This project will inform next steps for one or more pilot projects that will help reduce the impact of flooding while providing additional benefits such as traffic calming, increased tree canopy, and urban wildlife biodiversity.


Albuquerque, NM


City of Albuquerque

Year Completed


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