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Raton Great Blocks Placemaking Installations

As part of the educational content for New Mexico MainStreets Summer Leadership Network Meeting in 2018, Groundwork Studio assisted Raton MainStreet in the development of designs for multiple placemaking installations, including a 3D “floating” crosswalk, wayfinding footprints, painted games, and portable benches/planters made out of wooden pallets. Conference attendees had the opportunity to experience placemaking firsthand while they painted the crosswalk, wayfinding footprints, and ground-level games in Raton’s Great Blocks project area adjacent to their Railroad Depot. The 3D crosswalk creates a selfie-worthy traffic calming feature, while painted footprints lead transit station travelers to local businesses for coffee and curios. Painted games such as checkers and “cha-cha” dance instructions provide activities while they wait for their bus or train, and the pallet benches provide shaded seating. City officials have reported that these installations have been so popular, they are currently looking for ways to make them more permanent.

Step by step instructions for both the pallet benches and 3D crosswalk can be made available by contacting Amy Bell at [email protected].


Raton MainStreet and NM MainStreet

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