Shai Haber-Thaler, ASLA

Landscape Designer

Shai has an artistic background, focusing on sculpture and land art. This background informs her design practice through deep aesthetic and conceptual thinking. Shai is interested in creating spaces that do not fit into one category but explore the possibilities of landscape architecture as the connecting fiber to architecture on one side and art and science on the other. For her, landscape architecture encapsulates the endless possibilities of human inhabitability, a state that is continually being shaped into a cultural form of living. Shai is motivated to create equitable spaces that are focused on social, economic, and environmental justice. This thinking translates into focusing on mental health improvement through landscape architecture, addressing issues of homeless and gender equity, and designing equitable communities and educational spaces.

Master of Landscape Architecture, University of New Mexico
Bachelor of Fine Arts & Fine Arts Education, Hamidrasha Faculty of Art, Beit Berl College

Professional Credentials:
American Society of Landscape Architecture (Associate Member), New Mexico Chapter
Master Gardener, Sandoval County