Felipe Perez, ASLA

Landscape Designer

Inspired by ecologically resilient landscapes that respond to community context, Felipe brings a wealth of experience to his role as a Landscape Designer for Groundwork Studio. Growing up between the two cities of Missoula, Montana and Seattle, Washington, he developed a deep appreciation for the different ways of living within the rural to urban gradient. Both places spurred a profound relationship with the environment which has shaped him in his professional life. Before delving into the world of landscape architecture, Felipe worked as a small-scale fruit and veggie farmer in the Snoqualmie River Valley and then as a Parks Maintenance worker with King County’s Department of Natural Resources and Parks. Felipe enjoys designing for public spaces, especially those that foster community and allow people to develop a deeper connection to a place. In his free time, he enjoys being outside and getting his hands in the soil while growing fruits, veggies and mushrooms and aspires to give back to the community through volunteer trail construction work.

Associate of Arts with an emphasis in Sustainable Food Systems, Seattle Central College
Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture, University of Washington