Project Description

Ruidoso Outdoor Recreation Master Plans:
Grindstone Lake & Moon Mountain

Groundwork Studio is working with the Village of Ruidoso on recreational master plans for Moon Mountain and Grindstone Canyon.

For Grindstone Canyon, Groundwork Studio has assessed the existing conditions for approximately 275 acres in and around Grindstone Lake in order to develop  strategies for the future development of the Canyon to meet the needs of Ruidoso residents and visitors. This fits within the Village of Ruidoso’s larger vision to diversify the economy and support ongoing development of outdoor recreation as a core component of the local economy. When completed, the Master Plan will provide the overall blueprint for future development over a 10 year horizon.

For Moon Mountain, the Village entered into a long term lease with the New Mexico State Land Office in order to develop the 600+ acre property to accommodate several recreational activities. These include multi-use trails (hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding), an 18-hole disc golf course and a community observatory. Located near the geographic center of the Village of Ruidoso, the property represents a valuable wildlife corridor and provides an opportunity to link to the Village’s larger trail system. The Master Plan recommendations are based on a topographic assessment that was field varified. These recommendations have been further refined based on the results of multiple public meetings. Implementation of the plan will serve to link the Village’s existing trail system, supplement the existing recreational opportunities of the Village and provide positive economic benefits.


Ruidoso, NM


Village of Ruidoso

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