Project Description

Farmington High School

This new facility transforms the 50-year old Farmington High School campus into a state of the art learning environment. The layout is focused on a central student commons that serves circulation, cafeteria, recreation and assembly needs. Groundwork Studio worked in close collaboration with FBT Architects to ensure seamless coordination between building and site design for aesthetic quality and functional requirements. This extensive campus renovation occurred in six phases over three years.

On a site with 20 feet of elevation change, cost effective accessibility integration in the design was paramount. The renovated site design creates accessible parking and safe access routes to school buildings and activity centers, creating highly functional outdoor environments that simultaneously address drainage requirements, visibility, wayfinding, and ADA standards in concert with architecture.


Farmington, NM


Farmington Public Schools

Year Completed



Master Planning
Site Design
Planting and Irrigation Design

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