Project Description

CABQ Nature Play Recommendations

In collaboration with MRWM Landscape Architects, Parks and Recreation Department staff, and Nature Play Roundtable volunteers, Groundwork Studio assisted in the development of the City’s new Nature Play Recommendations. The purpose of the document is to raise awareness of the need for nature play and to gather support from policy-makers to advocate for implementation. It is creative yet realistic, explaining opportunities and constraints in a way that provides a valuable guide for planners and designers.

The Nature Play Recommendations include an explanation of why nature play is critical to childhood development, how the City defines “nature play”, how to select and assess sites for nature play to support inclusion and equity, parameters and considerations for design to maximize benefits, and how to address maintenance and liability concerns.

Groundwork Studio was primarily responsible for generating the definition of nature play, highlighting its benefits, developing the site assessment  criteria and form, and assembling the document in a cohesive graphic layout. We conducted an extensive analysis of factors that influence capital planning including demographics, socio-economics, and physical site characteristics.

Groundwork Studio also assisted with the development of the City’s nature play logo and brand, with consultant Leighton Moon. The resulting brand package provides the City with clear guidelines for rolling out their nature play initiative with an attractive and engaging visual character.


Albuquerque, NM


City of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation

Year Completed


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