We want your ideas!

Here at FBT and Groundwork Studio, we are designers. Dreamers, schemers, planners, technicians and artists. We have many ideas, but our designs are for you.

We know that before design can begin, we must understand the place and the people who inhabit it.

We would like to get to know you, the people who inhabit Park Square. What’s so special about this space we walk through every day? What could be special about it? With your help, we can re-envision Park Square as more than a conduit and redefine it as a destination.

Park Square has the opportunity to provide valuable open space for the densely populated Uptown area. Recent retail and restaurant infill has started the process of revitalizing the square, but our impression is that it is used more as a hallway than a living room.

What can we do to make our square more livable?

Why chalkboards? Because unlike surveys or meetings, idea pallets are available to everyone using this space, at any time of the day. There’s no one question and there’s no right or wrong answer.

Check back here for images of ideas as they appear on the boards:

These chalkboards are like a painter’s palette of ideas, wishes, hopes, stories and more. Draw us a picture, ask or answer a question. Tell us your idea. Have a little fun.

Questions? Ideas? Contact Amy Bell at 505-212-9126 or [email protected]